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Our Process

Our Process includes four steps: Discover, Plan, Implement, and Monitor.

  • Discover- We start by sitting down with you and begin to understand what your financial goals are. The answers you share is the basis for your plan and our recommendations to you.
  • Plan- Our Wealth Management Team sits down and analyzes all the information we took in during the discovery meeting. The information you shared with us helps us create a custom plan to achieve your goals.
  • Implement- Once the plan is constructed, we use the vast resources and tools available to us so we can implement your strategy. Implementation gives us a benchmark to measure the progress of your plan relative to your goals.
  • Monitor-The process doesn’t stop at implementation. Our ability to sit down with you and review your plan is important to successfully achieving the goals you laid forth in the discovery meeting. Monitoring your plan allows us to make changes to your plan when your life changes.